• “Unique Love” Rainbow Rose Infinite Rose Gift Box


    Perfect for: Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Mother’s Day, Marriage proposal, etc.


    Language of Rainbow Rose: Unique & Spectacular 

    Have you ever heard of rainbow rose? Rainbow rose is the queen among flowers. The most beautiful, unique and spectacular rose you could ever see in this world. Rainbow rose is natural and real rose to color your love and life. Rainbow is to bring happy and joy into your life. So, it’s also known as happy rose. It can be extra special flower gift for special moment, and precious gift for precious person.


    If you want to give flower to someone special or outstanding, but you are not sure which rose color is good to go, then the best solution is rainbow rose.


    Everybody has extra special person in his or her life; it could be your spouse, your parent, daughter, and best friend. Let our rainbow roses gift box send your most special love to the special one.


    Product Details:
    •  World’s best preserved rose, imported from Ades Mountain of Ecuador.
    • 100% natural preserved. No allergen. No chemical added.
    • Dye with natural plant extracts. 
    •  Last as long as 5 years or more with proper care.
    • The largest rose head in the world. Diameter: 4 inches.
    •  Fine crafted classic wooden gift box bounded with luxurious Italian suede.
    • Gift box dimensions: 5''L x 5''W x 5"H.
    • Product net weight: 1.5 lbs. 
    • Please be aware that actual product color may vary from color shown on your monitor. If you have any questions, please check TERMS for more information.
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    Product Caring Notes:

    • Do not need water or refrigeration.
    • Occasional de-dusting with soft brush.
    • Avoid direct sunlight, and use indoor only.
    • Avoid high temperature and high humidity.