Story of Infinite Roses

When the flames of war raged to a small town in the southern Europe, an infatuated couple was about to part. The boy was so brave and determined that he was going to join the battle to defend his hometown and family. Both of them knew that once the boy left, he might never return home just like their fathers and brothers. The boy left the girl with dewy roses just picked from the garden and a letter sealed with red wax. As agreed, the girl did not open the letter until the boy was completely out of sight. He wrote to her that when the last petal of these roses withered, it was time for her to forget him and embark on a new life.

Therefore, the romantic story of this fortunate couple is always on the lips of people. Today in Europe, when a boy and a girl fall in love, they will keep a bouquet of roses. They will either put the petals in the Bible or make them into preserved flowers, praying that they could be as fortunate and happy as the couple till the end of their lives. 

About RoseStory

Inspired by the story, RoseStory selects the world’s largest and best roses from Ecuador to preserve. With the help of advanced preservation technology, our preserved roses last for years with their everlasting beauty, retaining their texture and flexibility just like fresh roses. Plus, they do not need maintenance! We make beauty simple and easy for you.  

RoseStory, as a leading company in the art of preserved flower, provides a various selection of preserved floral products, from single rose gift box to florist designed flower arrangements, our products are perfect for holiday celebration, gift sending, special occasions and events, home decoration, etc. Whether you are looking for a birthday or thank you gift or a stunning table centre for a party, our high quality, finest preserved flower arrangements can always meet your needs. 

About Our Products

ü 100% natural preserved flowers and herbs. 100% chemical free.  

ü Absolutely user-friendly to those who love roses but suffering flower allergy. No pollen.

ü Well-designed gift box.

üLast as long as 5 years or more under proper care.

ü A little surprise, a little happiness, and a little love.